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About Us

About Us

started as in november 2012 a uk based indian company and in till oct 2014 having more than 17000 cleints on our 2 gps servers. (excluding mobile spy server)

we are trying to bring down the gps trackers to use at village level because our services are 100% free of cost and hardware are at cheaper price and get benifitted and we are also providing desktop and mobile applications for easy use for end user customers

Our Achivements

1. india first free gps providing tracking service for life time
2. world first to add pollution,insurance expiry, engine service tyre rotation alerts by email/sms
3. world first to provide gps setting android file- now need to remember any sms command
4.worlds first patented drive safe application for drivers
5. worlds first gps website to provide an free application to blind people blind navigator
6. india first website to decrease the gps tracker hardware price from 6500 to 1499 in gps industry
7. india first website to provide 2 year warranty with service centre at hyderabad
8.india first website to add payment gateway and add emi option
9. first indian website to provide 24/7 dedicated live chat customer care support
10.. first indian website to provide bookmy taxi and my school bus apps with free customisation
11.world first website to give free reseller panel and customisation also done
12. india first gps website to support android,iphone and blackberry platforms
13.india first gps website to send settings of tracker from web based panel

Our Plus Points

1. our dedicated 24 hrs live chat customer to solve their issues, product model explaination the advantages
2. services are free for life time
3. payment gateway and emi flexible option pay
4. aftersale service
5. 2year warranty
6. branding customisation for resellers and end users also
7. free reseller panel
8. well trained customer care and technical support so that to solve customer problem instantly
9. free bookmy taxi and myschoolbus customised logo
10. free 100 sms for all our cleints
11. fuel tracking online
12. worlds lowest price without comprimising in quality and service apn names of different networks click Here
Thank you for taking the time to read these lines. Hopefully, our company will win you over, and we can count you among our satisfied customers for a long time. Our mission is to make the comfort and safety provided by GPS trackers available for both companies and private entities, and to help in the optimatization of company expenses.

Our system can be used in all parts of the world with an available mobile phone network. With the help of our services, you can monitor your children, elderly loved ones or pets even if you are far away, as well as protect yourself and your valuables from thiefs. You can save significant sums with the managing of your company fleet.

We also welcome those who did not buy their GPS trackers from us, but we do not take responsibility for the possible inaccurate data or unreliability of these devices. If, at the moment, you do not possess a tracker, or are discontent with your current one, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will, in a few days deliver one to any corner of the world. The prices of our products, despite their excellent quality, are surprisingly low, due to the fact that we obtain them straight from the producer. All products are tested by us, so that we can choose the best one, and share our experiences with you.

customers can help us to improve the performance of gps by give their valuable feedback – Click Here

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