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Case Studies

Ramu was studying intermediate 1 st year at an corporate college as day scholar at Hyderabad. where his parents was very stress because of his notorious events bunking the college and going for movies ,pub, park etc. and his father also know about ramu activities but ramu father can’t go behind his son as defective to check what his son doing every day?. Because he is also an employee. then ramu father bought one android phone and installed GPS tracker app and with gpstracker.net.in expert his father market some geo fence alerts for the college, 15 cinema theatres, college nearby parks, and pub. and now when.

1. Ramu if goes to college ramu father gets automatic email alert and SMS on his mobile that his son ramu went college or not or went to college at which time and left the campus at which time

2. if ramu goes to pub, cinema park then also ramu father gets email and SMS alert so that he will call his son and warn him not to waste his time and concentrate on studies. In this way we can tell how much GPS is useful for students.

On 12-12-12 on plat form no: 32 Imblibun bus top more than 150 passengers are waiting for the bus arrival at the plat form since 4 hours. The ticket counter people said we can give tickets when bus comes on the plat form. Then GPS installed

Bus is at shamshabad approx. 25kms from Hyderabad then passengers will know that bus will be there on platform in another 30 minutes so that in this time passenger’s gets relief from journey tension, and they can do any work in this 30 minutes without any tension. And the passengers who are late coming to bus stop they can also get relief by knowing the status.

1. Method: GPS status at ticket counter
2.Method: for each bus one number will be given when passenger or any person when sent SMS to that number they get latest live status on mobile by SMS.

Nirmala having 4 year kid for play school where she waits for school bus for her kid since 30 minutes to 1 hour daily and she was getting daily late to her office as you know mother daily role duty need to
look after child, husband cook, and office duty.

1, Then GPS SIM number where she gets live status so when bus is nearby stop she makes her kid ready in this way we can reduce the time

2. Method: she gets email and SMS alert automatically when bus is nearby stop. BY using our my school bus app mother can know the a. live position of bus 2. if mother phone dont have gprs then also she can track by send automatic sms and call button she gets the position reply by sms. If she misses the bus also she can intimate the school with missed bus alert automatically school will be notified and they will arrange an aleternate bus in that route. she will also get an alert on app when schoolor bus fees not paid and school home work and circulars are updated everything live. EVEN if her hid is not well she can update the school automatically by oressing i am absent today button so that classteacher cannot worry on this kid as not coming to school today

Ramya girl was kidnapped and she was thrown in an unknown place where the situation is she does not have mobile balance to send SMS or give an call then  by using our tracker app.
1 Method: she can send SOS alert where our tracker notes and immediately send email and SMS to the concerned person of that girl.
2. Method she can take image with her camera and upload to our server our server notifies image and image location also.

Muhammad Iqbal working as an delivery boy in Courier Company. And company gives him daily 30 parcels to deliver him but he delivers averagely 15 to 20 parcels daily in 8hrs duty time. don’t know the reason when GPS installed in the courier vehicle company found him that he was nicely sleeping at home daily for 3 hours rest due to this reason he could not able to deliver all the parcels but now when GPS installed even if the delivery boy is sitting idle for 5 minutes server notifies the time for total 8 hours duty server notifies how much time he travelled and how much kilometers he travelled and how much time he was sitting idle. Based on this courier company can settle the salaries to the delivery boy.

Abc Cabs having some 150 vehicles in Hyderabad city and one customer name prashant from koti called for taxi to go from koti to begumpet airport. and the cab driver nearby areas are taking rest if GPS installed the orange cabs customer support checks the near most cab to the client and passes information of the client directly to driver by using SMS. And organe cabs can also caught the driver if the driver is moving out of city limits. And driver can also be caught if his duty is assigned to one area and roaming in other area. and we can also bill the driving time, idle time and kilometers, ac by this we can settle the driver salaries also. ABC courier can use book my taxi app when ever taxi is needed they can press bookmy taxi button from their mobile and they recive one sms that this vehicle number ap-xx1234 is coming please track live at url then customer can check the position of the live vehicle by web based/sms based/call based. BASED ON the live position customer will get ready so that no waiting charges will be billed for customer

Rajesh having one Hero Honda karizma and he parked his vehicle in abids then immediately he got an alert from his vehicle that unauthorized use then immediately he have stitched off his bike engine by sending SMS and thief caught red handed at king koti.

Rich class mom has given an suzuki 1000 cc bike to his son but she afraid that her son rides the bike 2 much fast and rash and mom does not know the live status of his son that how much speed his son drives now when GPS fitted an speed alert was set for sped 60kmph. So when ever her son crosses the 60 KMPL speed her mother gets SMS and email alerts. and that bike also has crash sensor so if anything happened accident also her mother knows that bike has been fallen down  by SMS and email alert and it is time to act immediately to save her son.

Jubilees Hhills check post area high peak traffic all the time if any ambulance comes to signal also takes 10 to 15 minutes to get out from that signal. here whens GPS fitted in the ambulance and GPS android phone with the traffic constable then he will be notified automatically when any ambulance or VIP vehicle or fire service vehicle is on that road. so that traffic constable clears the traffic and in this way we can save the valuable time of the critical patient going to hospital.

Miss. Suchitra having very cute pet. she comes daily to walking to the nearby park but suddenly one vehicle came and pet got frightened and missed the way and now miss suchitra can’t find her cute dog if GPS device fitted we can track the dog anywhere in the world.

Mr.Raju purchased 1 acre land from 60kms away from Hyderabad and he had seen site after 1 month he forgot the route to locate his land and searching for the land asking each and every one trespasser by. if GPS property land without asking anyone and thus saving time and energy.

An 11 year old kid mentally restarted suddenly absconded from home and parents start searching for him can’t find if GPS fitted we can track him anywhere on the world.

Mr. Anil of  moving power company has 150 silent generators on wheels. the expenses of generator was more because driver who used to fill the fuel he used to fill 350 litre diesel but in bill he shows 400 litre diesel he bought and in that diesel remaining in tank he sold out in this way and driver also steals the fuel from diesel tank of the van also and he is creating huge losses for owner. AND owner installed fuel level monitor in generator fuel tank and van fuel tank also with gps live with power generation units. with duration of generation on and off with timings. and now owner is happy as expenses as come down by 50%

Miss. Sandhya purchase Samsung Galaxy note pad 2 & 1 week back she bought it  but she lost her mobile in one bus. Then she filed complaint no use of it if GPS tracker app installed then track liver where is your now?? It can save money time and energy and tension.

If any area getting earth quake, sandy hurricane, tsunami it will be  difficult to trace our known ones  under debris buy using GPS we can  track them easily.

abc bank has given an 10lakh loan for ramu to purchase the car black innova . he had purchased and paid 3 emi also then next is not paying his emi then recovery agent when went to home to seize the vehicle then he see same innova vehicle parked in his with different number plate number now ramu says this is not your vehicle so please go away and recovery agent could not get any proof by using gps the recovery agent can track the car and seize the vehicle and submit to bank .

call centres night shift duty anisha 18 year female call centre employee after her completion of job time at 2am. Company has alloted the seat in the alloted cab to anisha but she dont and she wants to go on her boy friend bike without telling any one to her parents /friends. If some thing happened who is responsible ??? now in cab GPS TRACKER is installed in the alloted cab.Now anisha if she want to go other than alloted vehicle parents/hr manager are intimated by call/sms/email alert ” your daughter anisha is not coming in company alloted vehcile and company is not responsible for further acts. on 14-11-13 time 02:00am. you can track your daughter now at www.gpstracker.net.in/gs” if she goes into company alloted vehicle parents wont get any alert and they can monitor when they wanted.

arhun 4year old son of an rich real estate was kidnapped and as usually they call the father mr ramaraju and demanded money of 1crore money he has given to kidnapping gang then also they did not release the arhun then again they recieved the call demanded another 1 crore rupees. t his time Ramaraju put the cash in GPS TRACKER installed bag and dropped the bag and kidnapping gang took the bag and police were tracking the bag found the location and raided the spot and finally ramaraju has got his son and money of 2 crores finally every one happy

pavani is 60 year old diabetic hypertension lady she went to her friends home but her friend went outside for party and she was alone at friends home she was about to think to start from her friends home. Suddently she got chest pain and she was trying to search her mobile but in pain she cant. THEN her son thinking by this time her mother should return but not what is the problem then he calls continously her mother mobile no one picks the call then he got idea that her mother has gps tracker installed bag and he calls and he he recives the sounds of help help and he find the position of her mother on map then immediately he calls the ambulance and gives the gps position and immediately in 10mins ambulance reached the spot and pavani hospitalised and out of danger

Bhusan is an mentally-ill patient suddenly one day he see no one there him to watch him he suddenly comes outs on road and mother searching and police complaint was lodged . Next day police find him and releases him to his mother. Then next day mother installed gps watch to his hand then asusual he escaped onto road them mother immediately tracked his position on pc and she went and she caught his son and brought to home without any police complaintand issue solved in just 5 to 10 mins. Bushan mother is too intelligent now .

ajit is an lorry driver since 15 years. HE makes trips from hyderabad to chennai daily. lorry owner installed gps tracker without any infomation to driver. Then on 12-5-13 he leaves from hyderabad with load at 10pm and reaches on 13-5-13 8am at chennai and the load was unloaded and he should return to hyderabad with load from chennai. Now driver without any intimation to owner he got an order from chennai to combatore he took money from the party and he took load and went to coimbatore then owner calls the driver where you where you ? then driver say sir iam at chennai still lorry was unloaded we are waiting still. then driver comes from coimbatore to chennai on 14-5-13 6pm with medicones load need to maintained temperature of 4 degrees and he starts to hyderabad and next day 6am 15-5-13 driver reached to officenow owner asks. 1. where u are to make 2way trip it has taken you 3 days ???? then driver says sir iam working in your company since 15 years no trust on me ????then owner shows the map to driver from chennai to coimbatore then driver was caught red handed and driver paid money of that order from chennai to coimbatore trip also now owner gets more profit. 2. owner asks for the diesel expenditure from hyderabad to chennai and coimbatore also then driversays total 500 litres but owner checks the tanks statistics he knows where has refuelled the tank and where at place the fuel was removed suddenly at one place.then driver says sir iam working in your company since 15 years no trust on me ???? then he shows everything to driver and he was caught red handed 3. now owner asks for i have sent only one driver why cleaner is driving my vehicle without my permission if accident happens who is responsible then asusual driver says i have drived whole the trip sir? sir iam working in your company since 15 years no trust on me ???? then he shows images of driving person of every 15 mins image to driver and he was caught red handed 4. owner asks the return load from chennai to hyderabad are medicines whcih are temperature based you should not stop the engine any where because medicines will get spoiled then driver says asusual lie that sir i did not stop the vehicle neither i did not stop the engine. sir iam working in your company since 15 years no trust on me ???? then owner shows to driver we have seen you have stopped at 2 places where we can see temperature incresed from 4 celcius to 8 degrees celsius and at that time and date your vehicle engine is off. and once again driver caught red handed then if load is rejected by party i will send you to jail.Then finally driver catches the owners legs and say i am sorry sir this mistakes will never happen now please forgive me as iam an poor man sir. then owner forgives him and he monitors him .

a car company which gives cars on rent to customers for self driving and limits are car should move within city limits. Customers used to take the car going remote places and leaving the car off and selling the car to buyers. buy installing gps owner is tracking live and and when vehicle reaches out skirts engine will egt off automatically and sms and email alerts are sent to cab owner.

aruna a software employee has an daughter of 10 years she is over anxious about her daughter getting into school and during in school time she is withinschool campus or out of school campus. Because of this she could not concentrate her job work then she has given cp1b (gps school bag) now when ever she needs she can track her daughter live from her pc/laptop/mobile/sms and aruna is getting sms of her daughter when she reached into school and home and when she is out of home and school

SATISH is an chronic thief he will be released on bail in that time he will do another 3to 4 cases . This time police has given him gps tracker installed chappals and monitored him live in suspicious spots at night time and police caught him red handedly .Because police cant follow each and every one thief 24/7 but our gps tracker can follow 24/7 .

xend a sales marketing company has 100 employees their duty is to goto shop and home explain about product and make them the sale intially for 3 months business was fine after that he was facing huge loses and he was calling each and every marketing executive and asking WHERE ARE YOU AND WHERE ARE YOU. then also no increase in sales because marketing executives they used to at other place but on phone they say they are with customer. now the owner has installed gps tracker to the executives in that particular time alloted marketing execuitve should reach customer and explain the product from the customer and should take feedback from customer . by this way in just 1month he has ragained by his business by 400% because every one are monitored live .

shilpa is blind by birth and she is 22 year old. and she is doing some part time job where she will hire an bus or an auto rickshaw. AS AUTO RICKSHAW PEOPLE WAS used to take 1or 2 rounds and again they used to drop at same place and laugh at me then i need to shout loudly to ask for the in which place i am in now.. THEN PROBLEM IS SOLVED by installing blind navigatorit tells me 1. my positions 2. i can set to which place i can go by voice guided navigation 3. it can tell me colour of the objects around me 4. it can read and send messages for me 5. it can dial phone number contacts and dialpad keys to make the call 6. it can tell me battery level by voice 7. it has calculator voice guided 8. it can tell wifi enabled /not, gps enabled or not voice guided 9. i cans et alaram voice guided.

abc bus rental has 100 buses mostly these buses starts at night time and reach destination next day morning. these driver work already during day time and for money they also work at night time play with life of 51 passengers in each bus. By using gps even if driver closes his eyes for 3 seconds or turns his head for more than 5 seconds it gives alaram for 3 times then engine gets off and tell the driver to go for sleep and driver is sleeping data is uploaded to server..in this abc company is proventing accidents .

mr asad has recently married 6months ago and his wife begum has doubt on his husband as he was used to beat her and every time he is on mobile talking with some one.Then the scene became like he used to take mobile to bathroom compete the conversation for hours in bathroom and come out and begum ask he used to say stomach pain repeatedly. Then begum installed mobile spy hidden in her hubby phone and she monitored the the recieved/dialled/missed calls and sms content with gps position with highest number of call recived and dialled and she called all the numbers and finally find out that her hubby has affair with 3 women. and she divorced and she is leaving her life happy now..

In government and private offices we give money to driver to fill the fuel in the tracker for example if we give around 3000 inr they fill 2500 inr worth fuel and they make bill of 3000 inr after that when ever they get time they take pipe and remove another 500 inr fuel int his way they are causing huge loss to company/govt offices. BYinstalling pv2 gps one can monitor the fuel refilled and if fuel removed more than 5% in less than 2 mins then fuel theft alert is sent. along with fuel we can use gps live tracking + camera also.

folkanta city traffic police station —- the circle inspector needs to constantly monitor his sub ordinates they are at trafiic signal or they left at that place or doing some some other personal work during working time.or not. By installing gps now circle inspector can watch all of his 30 sub ordinates working at traffic signal or not .IN this way we can save time money and fuel also

fuel tankers from sea port they fill and come to petrol bunk the notorious driver removes some amount of fuel on the road side with duplicate key. creating an huge loss for petro companies. by installing pv3 gps we can monitor fuel in 3 compartments along with gps and if fuel is removed then level decreases then owner gets sms and email alert and we can know the level of fuel at sea port and level of fuel level at petrol bunk point.IN this way we can put an full stop for stealing the fuel

abc cranes their work is in one place we need to calculate the engine on hours duration fuel level otherwise drivers will tell owner that for 5hrs work they say 3 hrs and diesel consumed more causing huge loses to owner because driver steals diesel also along with worktime . owner installed the gps in the vehcie now he can know the number of hours of duration of work and fuel level along with gps position staying at work site or not

mr.naveen is an private security guard his duty is make rounds in the srinagar colour during night time but what he does he sleeps nicely and theifs has become more and chief security officer installed gps to the security guard and watching him live and track history also recorded and house stolen cases has come down drastically.now because geo zones has been marked securtiy gurad when made an roun trip only the chief secuirty officer gets alerts and he can check next day morning is security guard has made an trip or not finally every one is happy as security guard is doing his job now successfully because of gps.

mr rakesh is working as an detective agent in spy detective agency . his boss alloted an duty to follow one person but he says to his owner that eerson cannot be traced now because still that person has not come to this location but infact this getective agent sits in home and gives update to his boss by phone. Owner now installed gps and detective agent is monitored with date and time with geo zone in this owner is able to save money, time and fuel and can complete the assigned work asap

mr DAVID works an surveyor in abc bank his duty is to see the land confirm all documents and submit to bank and approve the loan.the person who took the loan is not paying emi at all then manager calls the suryevor and tell him to open police case and seize the land and surveryor goes to the spit where he cant find that land now bank manager suspended the surveryor in onvestigation he founds that surveyor has not went o site and suryed he simply approved it by taking bribe. Now the bank appoints new suryevor and bank manger gives gps to ake record of the position of the land for the records and surveyor does the job then only he approves the loan

miss .lavanya has aged 65 year old mother mother named renuka she was having chest pain she was calling each and every ambulance contact number she was getting busy and some contact numbers were unreachable she was very frustated and her mother renuka also got frustated as no amaubalamce available on time and her mother died. if ambulance used gps and nearest ambulance driver of any hospital would have rushed the spot and would have saved the renuka life . we would request all ambulances to install gps.and save life of people every second counts…..

its an abc bakery very much famous in hyderabad it gives free door delivery for online and phone orders and the delivery boy should deliver the parcel in alloted stipulated time.owner installed gps to all pizza delivery vehicles and operation manager monitors the vehicle and he will check the driving time , parking time, fuel consumption,with respective date and time .in this way we can save time,money and fuel we gives huge profits to owners

its an mbc commerical complex at hyderabad this owner has other 12 commerical complexes with inbuilt generator. the expenses of generator was more because secuirty guard who used to fill the fuel he used to bring 100 litre diesel but in bill he shows 130 litre diesel he bought and in that 100 litres diesel he puts only 70 litre diesel and remaining 30 liters of diesel he sold out in this way he is creating huge losses for owner. AND owner installed fuel level monitor with gps with power generation units. then he can able to monitor live the generator located at his 12 locations and fuel level and power generation units with duration of generation on and off with timings. and now owner is happy as expenses as come down by 50%

shiva is an criminal involved in 30 murder cases to produce him court for single case police needs to provide him tight security from jail to court.bad luck he managed to escape but now police officer has installed the gps device to the criminal while producing to the court from jail even there is stop of 5 mins the police office can call and can know the status directly.police office can know the driving time and parking time speed with real time tracking.even if criminal tries to escape he can be monitored live as he was installed with gps. now the society will be safe.

mrs.rajashree is an home minister when she moves on roads traffic needs to be cleared otherwise she gets angry to avoid this police has installed gps to her vehicle so police control room tracks her vehicle and control room alerts the traffic police at the signal to clear traffic live and from our app traffic police can watch live and clears the traffic live so that there will be no any problem in clearing traffic for minister and for common public everyone will be happy

abc logistics ships the container from chennai to iran regulalry it provides normally the tracking number but it updates for every 2 to 3 weeks which is very torture headache for customer ramesh that he may recieve the goods or not. TO avoid this gpsinstalled and gets update for every 10 sec and the live tracking url details has been given to customer and customer is happy as can able to track his container live on ship and on vehicle also

naresh an police officer intrested in trekking went to forest and he forgot the route map and by using wakie talkie also no one can help him but if he used gps tracker by using 2way communication we can guide him live to move which direction and we can solve his problem if few mins. we request if any one one moving into unknown forest use gps tracker

its is an pvc advertising agency it places an hoarding on van it moves round the city daily . but customers unable to satisfy because they were no any proof that vehicle moved and if vehicle moving also they are using their own company hoarding or some others. TO avoid this confusion gps is installed whcih takes live position and daily kms travelled in which area of city customer required, and 15 mins auto image upload to server and fuel level tracking .now when that customer logins and check he can get satisfied the quality of the work provided by pvc advertising agency

rahul is using gps fleet of 500 trackers he purchased to configure each and every tracker it takes him around 10 to 15 mins for each tracker for 500 trackers approx 16 days (8hrs work/day) but now rahul is using gps settings android app he can configure an tracker in less than 2 mins for each tracker for 500 trackers approx 2days and he is saving 80% of his valuable time.

Cash management services. For ATM some people will deposit money in ATM if the tracker is placed in the money box we can check how much time did SMS people spent time for each ATM and they have deposited money in all ATM or not.

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