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Frequently asked questions:

Q. How can I know my phone compatibility?

Ans. Please note your phone should has gps enabled phone and android/blackberry/iphone os.

Q. And above versions we support to know your phone having gps or not?

Ans. Check your model number at www.gsmarena.com

Q. Can I use 2g/3g/wifi hot spot for my phone and which one you prefer when you compare?

Ans. Our server support 2g/3g/wofo hot spot when compared we recommend 3g because high fast data access.

Q. Mine is prepaid sim and 2g is activated but every one minute or 5 minutes I am getting message as “your last gps usage is 2kb price charged is 10 paise” how can I avoid this?

Ans. Never to use gprs/3g from prepaid balance .Best is that purchase card like rs 24 inr in aircel ,u get 100mb,which is more sufficient for you for 3 months usage

Q. How can I know in my phone 2g or 3g activated?

Ans. Please contact your gsm service provider.

Q. I am using sony android will it work on that ?

Ans. Yes,our app works on any android phone branded or unbranded,no problem.

Q. In my family we have android phones can we track multiple,our family members live track states ?

Ans. Yes,you can track multiple to get this option contactus@gpstracker.net.in

Q. In this service is free for life time?

Ans. Yes,this service is free for life time.

Q. If I lost my andoid mobile can I able to track it ?

Ans. Yes,you can track your android mobile any where in the world we have mobile spy app clcik here.

Q. I am usa can I able to use your service?

Ans. Yes,you can use our service any where in the world.

Q. Can I able to use in china android mobile?

Ans. Yes,you can use if it has gps/gprs/java supported phone. Having other model contactus@gpstracker.net.in

Q. Sir,I have bought gps tracker from other seller can I use your service?

Ans. Yes,you can use our service but clients who purchased from we provided 1 year warranty on device(not on battery) and after sales support(C.A)

Q. I am having few doubts reguarding installation?

Ans. Respected sir,as we have many models,we request you to check your model,download instruction manual from www.gpstracker.net.in/downloads even then is having problem we will install it.

Q. I want to track my daughter?

Ans. Yes,you can choose out personal ctegeory gps tracker available in low,medium,high categeory in low,medium,high categeory.then drop the device in her bag, car, motors etc..,then tension free and track live.

Q. Can I know by using your service,can I know my son at which time my son left the home and at which time my son left the home and at which time my son reached college?

Ans. Yes,you will get all these alerts by email/sms for example you don’t want to go ur son to pub,but he went with out telling then you will be automatically notified by email&sms and rest u need to take care of ur son.

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