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Model No: MV2C

Highlight Features:

  1. Real Time Tracking
  2. Fuel Cut Off
  3. Engine Hours
  4. SOS switch optional
  5. Door open alert optional
  6. Voice Monitor
  7. Vibration Sensor
  8. Main power disoconnect alert
  9. Inbuilt battery optional
  10. AGPS – for better accuracy 0 to 5 metres
  12. Alerts by SMS & EMAIL
  13. ****UNLIMITED number of GEO FENCE, OverSpeed Alert, Under Speed Alert , MOVEMENT ALERT
  14. ****NO CONNECTION ALERT- if some one removes tracker power line then admin gets sms & Email alerts.
  16. Position by SMS
  17. Auto Battery Low Alert sms to admin mobile number
  18. Odometer Reading (like your odometer in your vehicle-no one can tamper odometer reading)
  19. 3 Months tracking history record browse and download in xls / kml files.

Total Alerts by SMS/Email:

1. Zone in 38. Ignition on timer
2. Zone out 39. Ignition off timer
3. Over speed alert 40. Odometer expiry alert
4. Low speed alert 41. Fuel cut off alert
5. Parking alert 42. Fuel restore alert
6. Vehicle stolen alert 43. Auto fuel cut off alert
7. Low sms credit alert 44. Auto fuel restore alert
8. GPRS recharge alert 45. Auto fuel cut off timer
9. Auto last time position alert 46. Auto fuel fuel restore timer
10. Auto daily general report 47. Fuel cut off zone in
11. Engine service alert 48. Fuel cut off zone out
12. Pollution expiry alert 49. Fuel cut off zone in timer
13. Driver lisence expiry alert 50. Fuel cut off zone out timer
14. Tyre rotation alert 51. Fuel cut of f igniton alert
15. Vehicle fitness expiry alert 52. Fuel cut off ignition zone in alert
16. Vehicle insurance alert 53. Fuel cut off igniton zone out alert
17. National permit expiry alert 54. Fuel cut off ignition zone in timer alert
18. No connection alert 55. Fuel cut off ignition zone out timer alert
19. Main power disconnection alert (*sms only) 56. Over speed fuel cut off
20. Auto odometer alert 57. Over speed fuel cut off zone in
21. Position by sms (*sms only) 58. Over speed fuel cut off zone out
22. Appointment timer 59. Over speed fuel cut off zone in timer
23. Appointment timer zone in 60. Over speed fuel cut off zone out timer
24. Appointment timer zone out 61. Parking fuel cut off
25. No gps signal alert 62. Parking zone in
26. Over speed zone in 63. Parking zone out
27. Over speed zone out 64. Parking zone in fuel cut off alert
28. Ignition on alert 65. Parking zone out fuel cut off alert
29. Ignition lock alert 66. Parking zone in fuel cut off timer
30. Ignition off alert 67. Parking zone out fuel cut off timer
31. Ignition zone in alert 68. Under speed fuel cut off
32. Ignition zone out alert 69. Under speed fuel cut off zone in
33. Ignition zone in timer 70. Under speed fuel cut off zone out
34. Ignition zone out timer 71. Underspeed fuel cut off zone in timer
35. Engine idle alert 72. Underspeed fuel cut off zone out timer
36.   Engine hours expiry alert 73. Tracker battery alert
37.   Engine idle timer 74. Door open alert (smsonly)
75. Sos switch alert (sms only)


  1. Personal car, 2 WHEELER tracking
  2. TAXI CAR FLEET MANAGEMENT with book my taxi app supported ( customer can know which vehicle is coming to pick him up live position)
  3. SCHOOL BUS FLEET MANAGEMENT with MY SCHOOL BUS app supported ( when school bus is nearby the student home , parents gets sms and email from alert on mobile.
  4. COMMERICIAL VEHICLES LIKE TRUCKS,TANKER, AMBULANCE, jcb cranes, 3 WHEELER AUTO, BUS, vehicle financiers, pizza delivery boys , courier vehicle, money recovery agents, atm cash loading vans, call center pick and drop etc.


  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Dimensions: 90cm*45cm*13.6cm weight: 50 grams
  • GPRS: Class12, TCP/IP built-in GSM Module
  • GPS: siemens class10- AGPS chip
  • Frequency: L1,1575.42MHz C/A code
  • GPS Channels: 24
  • Tracking sensitivity: – 179dBm
  • Acquisition sensitivity: – 148dBm
  • Locating time cost: Hot start: < 1sec(Open Sky)
  • Warm start:<15 sec
  • Cold start: < 27 sec(Open Sky)
  • GPS antenna: Built-in high gain ceramic patch antenna
  • Working voltage/current: 12-24vDC/30mA@12V
  • Three LED indicators: GPS-blue; GSM-green; Power-red
  • Application environment: Operating temperature:-40 °C to + 85 °C
  • Operating humidity:5% to 95% RH


  1. Shipping Aramex, DTDC, Professional, Speed Post
  2. Delivery Within 1 to 7 Days
  3. Cash on delivery available
  4. We can deliver at any place in India at village level also

When Purchased What You Get

  1. MV2C Tracker 1unit
  2. power cable 1unit
  3. Quick Setup Document 1unit
  4. Warranty Document 1unit

Bonus Free Offers:

  1. Free Android App for Monitoring
  2. Free live tracking service for life time.
  3. Free desktop app – single click for tracking ( no need to open any browser also).
  4. Free sms (100) and unlimited email alerts from server

Why should a customer purchase from us

  1. Quick Setup Manual
  2. Free life time tracking service – other providers are charging monthly rentals.
  3. Easy installation by seeing video
  4. 24/7 Customer Care Support
  5. Free Desktop App & free android app

Track Replay

Group Person Tracking - if your company has 100 marketing executives you can track them all one web page itself

Person driving Report and Download and make it an Invoice take printout copy of the report

Person moving and stopping, you can know the person is moving or stopped. stopped time indicates the wastage of time at one place

Person Information Report

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