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Model No: PV2

Highlight Features:

  1. Live Camera Snap
  2. Dual camera support
  3. Auto image upload for every 15 minutes
  4. Fuel cut off
  5. 2 way call support
  6. Bonnet alert
  7. SOS alert
  8. Remote arm and disarm remote
  9. dual fuel sensor (optional)
  10. dual temperature sensor (optional)
  11. Geofence, over speed,under speed,no connection alert, movement alert power disconnect alert
  12. Images history of 1month stored


  1. For PV2 model we have 2 ports where you can use in this combinationA . Camera+Camera— Use for SUV and bus
    B. Camera+fuel monitor— Use for car and trucks
    C. Fuel Monitor + Fuel Monitor– Useful for petrol/diesel/milk/oil tankers
    D. Fuel Monitor+ Temperature monitor— for cars/ice/icecreamtrucks
    E. Temperature Monitor+ Camera– For Cars/Ice/Icecream Trucks
    F. Temperature Monitor+ Temperature Monitor — Useful for ice/icecream trucks
  2. Fuel sensor is optional contains 2 parts, need to purchase 2 partsA. Display Part Rs 2000
    B. Fuel Sensor Rod : Price depends upon the height of the tank basic model is 30 CMS Fuel Sensor rod price Rs 2000/- INR
  3. Temperature Sensor optional price is Rs 1500/- Inr extra
  4. This Device is fully advanced you can control 99% of commands of PV2  from web based only


Working voltage

9V — 33V DC

Working current

30 mA –60 mADC

Backup battery

500 mAH




190 grams

Working temperature

-20℃ –80℃

Working humidity

5% — 95%

GSM frequency range 

850MHz / 900MHz / 1800 MHz / 1900 MHz

GPS module

Siemens class10 – AGPS

GPS sensitivity


GPS frequency

1575 MHz

Positioning accuracy

< 10m 95%)

Cold start < 48s(Average value )
Hot start < 8 s (Average value )


  1. Shipping Aramex, DTDC, Professional, Speed Post
  2. Delivery Within 1 to 7 Days
  3. Cash on delivery available

When Purchased What You Get

  1. GPS unit pv2 model
  2. power cable
  3. fuel cut offrelay
  4.  ir camera-1unit
  5. remote arm and dis arm
  6. gsm antenna
  7. gps antenna
  8. sos switch
  9. mic
  10. speaker
  11. fuel sensor ( not included rs 1999 for 30 cms fuel sensor rod accessories no:2 click here
  12. temperature sensor ( not included rs 1499 for 30 cms fuel sensor rod accessories no:5 click here
  13. quicksetup file

Bonus Free Offers:

  1. Free live tracking service for life time
  2. Free desktop app – single click for tracking ( no need to open any browser also).
  3. free android app for tracking wehn pc is unavailable

Why should a customer purchase from us

  1. Free life time tracking service – other providers are charging monthly rentals.
  2. Easy installation by seeing video
  3. 24/7 Customer Care Support
  4. Free Desktop App
  5. Free android app

Track Replay

Group Vehicle Tracking

Driving Report and Download and make it an Invoice

Driving and Stopping Time Fuel Consumed Report

Driver Information Report

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